Sunbeam Steam Mop
An Eco-Friendly Way to Clean

The Sunbeam steam mop is one of the floor steam cleaning mops that have become quite popular recently. Steam mops are steam cleaners designed in the slim and lightweight mop style to make cleaning, particularly of floors, easier. Like the rest of the offers on the market, the Sunbeam steam mop promises to clean using only heat and vapor, thus protecting your home from harmful chemicals.

The Sunbeam steam mop is designed to clean up any mess on various flooring types including linoleum, tile, marble, and even hardwood. Sunbeam is a popular entry-level brand of home appliances, and they offer quite a selection of steam cleaners designed specifically for use at home. One of these is the Sunbeam SC7500 Eco Mop, a multi-purpose steam cleaner designed to clean various floor surfaces.

Top Features of the Sunbeam Eco Mop

  • Pivot head – The mop head is designed to pivot freely so you can maneuver the mop easily while you clean.
  • Instant Steam Technology – The Sunbeam steam mop can produce steam within 30 seconds of you filling the water tank, so you can almost immediately start cleaning.

  • 120-degree steam temperature – The Sunbeam Eco Mop can produce steam with temperature of up to 120 degrees F to help eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses from various surfaces in your home.

    What Consumers Like

    Despite the lesser popularity of the Sunbeam steam mop, it does have its loyal customers thanks to its ability to produce plenty of steam delivered at high pressure to guarantee more effective cleaning. The steam mop proved especially effective in cleaning tiles; according to satisfied consumers, the steam mop leaves even tile floors almost completely dry instead of wet and slippery.

    Due to the design of steam mops, most can only clean for 15 to 20 minutes and will then need a refill. The steam mop from Sunbeam, however, comes with a 1-liter water tank capacity, which is sufficient for a continuous 30-minute run. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

    In terms of versatility, the Sunbeam steam mop can be used for purposes other than cleaning hard floor surfaces, provided that owners make use of the packaged accessories. The accessories are designed to match various cleaning needs:

  • Squeegee for flat glass panels, windows, and mirrors
  • Floor cloth for hard floor surfaces
  • Upholstery cloth for upholstery and carpets Other included tools are a round brush, a nozzle attachment, and a utility head.

    What Consumers Don’t Like

    The Sunbeam steam mop may not be the most powerful nor feature-packed steam mop around, but it does come with all the most important features to make house cleaning easier for homeowners. Some consumers, however, reported some difficulty in finding replacement cleaning pads for their Sunbeam steam mop when the included pad gets too worn out to use.

    The Sunbeam Eco Mop itself isn’t that widely available in the market, so a lot of buyers feel more assured buying steam mops from more accessible, more popular brands.

    Other Steam Cleaning Products from Sunbeam

    You may also want to check out other great steam cleaning offers from Sunbeam to complement your Sunbeam steam mop. The Sunbeam Eco Mop isn’t the brand’s most popular offer. Sunbeam is more known for its collection of garment steamers, which feature 1500-watts of steam power and a convenient, space-saving design.

    The garment steamers can easily and effectively steam clean clothes and other fabric materials and come with some of the most insightful features in its niche, including important safety features.

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