Smart Living Steam Mop
The Smart Way to Clean Your Floors and Carpets

The Smart Living steam mop is a very popular steam mop that has often been dubbed as the best steam mop around. It is one of the steam cleaners that rule TV shopping and it can now be found in several homes all over the country, thanks to its impressive TV demonstrations, promising 100% chemical-free cleaning combined with pure ease of use.

Steam mops have become quite popular lately, and Smart Living is a brave choice considering the several other more established brands on the market. Nevertheless, consumers seem convinced. Let’s see how this mid-priced $150 steam mop fares in reviews and against the competition.

Key Features of the Smart Living Steam Mop

  • High temperature steam – The Smart Living steam mop uses high temperature steam of 230 degrees F to loosen up dirt and also to kill germs, bacteria, dust mites, and even mold more effectively. This is quite high for a steam mop in this price and product range; similar products only produce 198 to 212 degrees F.

  • Carpet glider - If you use the included carpet glider, the steam mop can also be safely used to clean and disinfect carpets, along with other like materials such as upholstery, rugs, mattresses, and pillows.

  • Micro-fibre pad – The steam mop ships with a special micro-fibre pad that helps pick up and absorb dirt and residues more quickly. The pad can be easily attached to the steam cleaner with Velcro. The pads can be machine-washed and reused.

  • Adjustable handle – This is one of the select steam mops on the market that feature an adjustable handle. This way, the steam mop’s height will match yours and your cleaning task.

    What Consumers Like

    What consumers liked most about the Smart Living steam mop is how it suits personal tastes but provides professional performance – the perfect combination consumers are looking for. The primary purpose of the steam mop is for cleaning and polishing hard floor surfaces such as laminate, marble, tile, granite, and vinyl. However, it is also safe for use on hardwood floors and soft surfaces.

    The design of the steam mop is also one of its best attributes. Featuring a lightweight, minimalist design, the steam mop looks as great as it works. Consumers found it easy to manage while they clean. This design goes beyond the aesthetics; for one thing, the positioning of the water tank directly above the motor is said to help extend the life of the motor. The tank is also non-pressurized, which means it is perfectly safe to add more water to it as you go along.

    Pet owners also specifically noted that the steam mop can remove flea eggs, thus preventing the spread of these pests that may bother or endanger your pets. On top of all these, the Smart Living steam mop sells pretty well, which can also be attributed to its reassuring 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

    What Consumers Don’t Like

    To enjoy maximum results, homeowners are told to use distilled water for pure eco-friendly cleaning. Unfortunately, some homeowners feel that the use of distilled water instead of regular tap water for cleaning purposes is not practical. Also, while other steam mops come packaged with two to four microfiber cleaning pads, the Smart Living steam mop only comes with one.

    The Verdict

    Most reviews for the Smart Living steam mop are quite positive, with only a few and very minor negative feedback. Most consumers found it effective and easy to use; its attractive and modernistic style also wins it some bonus points. All in all, this is one of the best investments you can make for your floor cleaning needs. It may not be overflowing with features, but in terms of performance, ease of use, and style, it is definitely a keeper.

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