Professional Steam Cleaner
Looking for Your Heavy Duty Partner in Cleaning?

Want a professional steam cleaner that you can use to tackle major dirt or sanitation problems in your home? A professional-grade steam cleaner is more ideal for large homes, frequent use, or homes that face more than the usual dirt and germs problem.

The Most Important Things to Look For In A Professional-Grade Steam Cleaner

  • High power of at least 1000 watts or preferably higher
  • High pressure steam of up to 66 pounds per square inch (PSI)
  • High temperature steam of up to 295 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Stainless steel or rust-resistant aluminum boilers
  • Larger water tank capacity
  • Safety features
  • Attachments

    LadyBug XLT 2300 with TANCS Disinfection System

    One of the few highly recommended professional steam cleaners that can be easily and safely used at home is the LadyBug XLT 2300 Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner, which meets most of the requirements stated above. The LadyBug XLT 2300 is powered by 1700 watts, which makes producing steam at high pressure and temperature quite easy for the iconic red machine with its stainless steel boiler.

    The boiler has an 8-year warranty compared to the 1-year warranty on the rest of the machine; this is definitely enough proof that this machine is built to last.

    The key feature of the LadyBug XLT 2300 is its TANCS Disinfection System, which automatically disinfects while you steam clean. This is an exclusive TANCS technology wherein the minerals in tap water are energized to form crystals that can more effectively kill harmful microorganisms without any use of chemicals. This feature is one of the reasons why this steam cleaner is especially recommended for homeowners who suffer from allergies caused by dust mites and mold.

    It also has a 58-ounce water capacity, which adds up to 20 more minutes of cleaning time than most other residential steam cleaners. It also comes with several safety and convenient features such as light and audio signals plus a pressure gauge. It also comes with 10 different attachments for cleaning various surfaces and materials.

    Take note that this is a canister type machine; it takes up some space when stored but it can more easily be used for cleaning hard to reach areas.

    The downside is that the LadyBug XLT 2300 is priced at $1700, which is too much to spend for a home-based cleaning equipment unless you have a large home or some special needs. Thankfully for the homeowner, the machine does make every dollar worth paying with its effectiveness and durability.

    WhiteWing Vapor Steamer

    Another professional steam cleaner that passed the test is the WhiteWing Steamer. This is a mid-grade model; though not particularly budget friendly for the home user, it is affordable enough at $600 for the large home or meticulous consumer. This steam cleaner is most popular for its wide range of features and for its durability.

    The top features of the WhiteWing Steamer are its safety trigger on the handle, a convenient fingertip steam release button, and a locking trigger switch. It also comes with a pressure gauge and a safety cap, which are sometimes missing in other pro steam cleaners. The machine also ships with 13 accessories, which are more than what other brands offer.

    The WhiteWing Steamer is powerful enough to produce 285 degrees F steam for cleaning and sanitizing without chemicals. The boiler is made of aluminum, not stainless steel.

    The WhiteWing Steamer also received praise for its performance on cleaning tile grout and removing mold, two of the most challenging home-cleaning tasks. Consumers were also pleased to find that, although graded for professional use, this steam cleaner is quite light and is 2 pounds lighter than leading models in the same product range.

    Unfortunately, some consumers noted that although it has an extra large 64-ounce water tank capacity, they weren’t able to enjoy cleaning continuously for long because the steam pressure occasionally drops for no reason. They also had to wait 20 minutes for the boiler to cool down before they can make a refill. Also, some consumers said that it did not work particularly well on soap scum in the bathroom.

    Hoover Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner with MaxExtract Technology

    Steam cleaning is most often used in cleaning carpets, so if this is your purpose for looking for a professional steam cleaner, you’ll get the best carpet cleaning features from Hoover, particularly from model F8100900 from Hoover’s Platinum Collection. This residential professional-grade carpet cleaner sells for $450 and offers the following key features:

  • Hoover’s patented SpinScrub brushes – The rotating brushes are quite phenomenal in loosening up even tough dirt and grime.

  • Auto-rinse feature – The machine automatically rinses dirt and detergent away to fully protect your carpets.

  • High-speed suction – The powerful machine has a pretty strong suction power, which delighted consumers.

  • Direct heat for quick-drying steam – Carpets are left virtually dry and ready for use again.

  • Variable spot-cleaning settings – You can choose either to spray steam to cover larger areas all at once or stream it to concentrate on a smaller area.

    The machine also comes with several tools, one for reaching into crevices, one for cleaning upholstery, and another handheld tool for smaller tasks. Much of the feedback for Hoover’s carpet cleaners, especially this model, are positive. Besides, when it comes to a Hoover steam cleaner, its reputation simply precedes it.

    Why Invest in A Professional-Grade Steam Cleaner?

    Professional steam cleaners can either be like the huge machines used by professional home cleaning services, or an ordinary residential-use equipment that provides professional-grade quality in cleaning. Investing in any one of these highly capable steam cleaning machines, if you are willing, can save you money in the long run.

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