Oreck Steam Rinse A Matic
Giving Multi-Purpose A Whole New Meaning

The Oreck Steam Rinse-A-Matic is the second most popular steam cleaner from well-established brand Oreck. It comes second only to the slightly more well-known Steam It steam mop. This, however, is only due to the growing popularity of the lighter steam mop models, and not due to any disadvantage in the part of the upright Rinse-A-Matic steam cleaner.

In fact, the Rinse-A-Matic is ultimately the more useful and versatile of the two models. Here are some reasons why:

Biggest Advantages of the Oreck Steam Rinse-A-Matic

Rinse Mode. The Oreck Rinse-A-Matic can leave carpets and upholstery glistening and well-groomed after cleaning, especially when they use the special “rinse mode.” This scrubs, shampoos, rinses, then dries your carpets, all in a single efficient move. The rinse function makes sure that no carpet shampoo residue is left on the carpet.

Consumers who have used the Rinse-A-Matic are pretty impressed with the results, particularly with the effectiveness of the special Double Helix deep cleaning brushes. This proved effective for removing even tough stains and sticky residue on your carpets.

Squeegee Mode. If you’ve got the “rinse mode” for carpet cleaning, you also get the “squeegee mode” for cleaning laminate floors and tile floors. The squeegee effectively scrubs without damaging your flooring.

The squeegee feature also works great with the steam cleaner’s powerful suction, which picks dirt easily off the floor. The suction is often compared with those of other more popular products with positive results. The machine also dries up the cleaned surfaces quickly.

What Consumers Like

Consumers praise the Rinse-A-Matic’s user-friendliness; the machine can easily clean your floors with just a push of a button. You don’t have to spend an entire day scrubbing to get your hard floors to shine and your carpets to glisten. The machine itself is just the right height and comes with an ergonomic handle.

The machine also comes with large wheels so you can push it around the house easily as you clean. Thankfully, you also don’t have to keep changing sockets thanks to the 25-foot long power cord, which also comes with a quick release cord wrap for easy and safe storage.

You can also use the Rinse-A-Matic for hand-cleaning spots and other above-floor areas, thanks to the included handheld nozzle extending from a 10-foot hose.

The Rinse-A-Matic also ships with a deep cleaning and deodorizing Full Release Allergen Control value pack of carpet detergent, which also adds a sanitizing effect on the surfaces you clean. This helps keep the home a healthier environment by getting rid of potentially harmful allergens that stick to your flooring, especially in between your carpet’s fibers.

Using the detergent with the machine is also easy. You don’t have to mix or measure by guesswork; the machine automatically mixes the correct ratio of the cleaning solution and water. The dual tank design also makes sure the clean water and the extracted water is separately held to ensure no contamination. The tanks are easy to refill, empty, or clean as necessary.

What Consumers Don’t Like

The Oreck Steam Rinse-A-Matic does come with some drawbacks. First, it is not recommended for use on hardwood floors. Also, some consumers complained that the steam sprayer tends to come loose, so they are sometimes accidentally greeted by a continuous stream of steam.

Also, despite the effective cleaning capability of the machine, its 12-inch cleaning path is a bit limited compared to other steam cleaning equipments of this size. Thus, consumers find themselves making more passes especially when cleaning larger rooms.

In spite of the large maneuverable wheels, the Rinse-A-Matic also proved a bit heavy. It also requires at least a square foot of storage space.

The Verdict

In terms of usage and capabilities, the Oreck Steam Rinse-A-Matic can be considered as Oreck’s best foot forward. While the Steam It steam mop is designed only for cleaning hard floor surfaces, the highly capable and versatile Rinse-A-Matic steam cleaner is like 2 machines rolled into 1.

It can be used for both carpeted and hard floor surfaces, and it even goes beyond regular cleaning in both tasks. All in all, consumers are impressed with it despite some drawbacks.

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