Carpet Steam Cleaner Rental
Your Guide to Renting Carpet Steam Cleaners

A carpet steam cleaner rental is a slightly better alternative to hiring professional carpet cleaning services, but you may also want to consider investing in your own residential steam cleaner.

Carpets are quite an important investment, and they do cost a lot. So if you have carpeted rooms in your home, make sure you do your best to keep it looking well-groomed and perfectly clean. Unfortunately, everyday traffic, children, and pets all contribute to the strain suffered by carpets, and without regular maintenance, your carpets will surely look worn out and unsightly. Steam cleaning is known as the most effective carpet cleaning method, and all you need for this method is an effective carpet steam cleaner.

Your Carpet Cleaning Options

It is recommended that carpets be thoroughly deep cleaned every year to prevent dirt accumulation. In cleaning carpets, you have three options. A lot of people go straight to professional carpet cleaning services, but since these tend to cost a lot, some more practical consumers are opting for carpet steam cleaner rentals.

These rental services allow you to borrow a steam cleaner for a day or so. You just have to pay for the rented equipment, and can therefore save on labor costs by doing the dirty work on your own.

But a growing number of smart homeowners these days are already investing in their own carpet steam cleaners. There are now a lot of residential models that are easy to use and yet offer effective carpet cleaning.

Should You Rent or Buy A Carpet Steam Cleaner?

The advantage, however, of renting steam cleaners is that rental services offer professional-grade steam cleaners that can finish the job more quickly, whereas if you buy your own, you will probably be limited to a residential-grade steam cleaner. Also, you don’t have to worry about storage.

Make sure, however, to compare the long term cost of renting a steam cleaner to that of investing in your own machine. Carpet steam cleaner rentals may not cost a lot on a per day basis, but there are now a lot of residential but high performance steam cleaners with prices ranging between $150 and $300 from leading brands Hoover and Bissell. Once you buy them, you can use them for an unlimited number of times, especially if you choose a highly durable product.

Having your own machine does have its unique benefits. For one thing, it allows you to thoroughly pick up emergency spills or remove stains once they occur. Such regular maintenance can help keep carpets looking spic and span without any major cleaning effort.

How to Rent and Where to Rent From?

Most homeowners agree that buying a steam cleaner is the best choice for cleaning carpets, but if you’re not ready to make such an investment yet, you can settle for carpet steam cleaner rentals. Just make sure that you choose a reliable rental company that can provide you with a powerful, effective machine that won’t be difficult to use.

Also, like in buying your own steam cleaner, you also need to make sure that the equipment you rent also matches your requirements. If you need a carpet cleaner but also want to clean rugs, upholstery, and other fabrics, make sure you rent an equipment with the necessary tools for these other purposes.

If you have a rather large home, a heavy duty equipment may be necessary; this may entail a higher rental fee, though. A lot of carpet cleaner rental services are available online, so it won’t be difficult to find a source of a steam cleaning equipment.

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