Bissell Steam Cleaner Problems
Solutions and Advice in Solving Common Problems

Encountering Bissell steam cleaner problems? Don’t worry, Bissell is not a top-rating steam cleaner brand for no reason. It has achieved its leading brand status for being one of the dependable brands on the market. Bissell steam cleaners are designed for durability and ease of use, so you can rely on them to perform steadily for years without giving you a lot of trouble.

And in case you are currently facing problems with your Bissell machine, whether due to an accident, normal wear and tear, or to an unexpected defect, don’t give up on it yet. Bissell is a leading steam cleaner manufacturer; their products are far from being disposable.

Troubleshooting Your Bissell Steam Cleaner

To determine how best to solve your Bissell steam cleaner problem, you first have to find out what the problem really is. Do a bit of troubleshooting before you panic and call Bissell. Some problems may be minor and can be easily fixed on your own. Here’s how to troubleshoot your steam cleaner. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple repair or a replacement of any of the steam cleaner parts, most of which can easily be bought online from Bissell.

Common Bissell Steam Cleaner Problems and Their Solutions

One of the common problems encountered by steam cleaner owners is when the machine just stopped spraying steam altogether. The first thing to do in such a situation is check whether the tank is full of water. If the tank is full, then perhaps the tank is not properly positioned; the gasket that attaches the tank to the machine may become loose, lodged, or damaged.

Just fix the gasket and try to release steam to check. If the problem is not yet fixed, check the water tank itself; perhaps it has developed a leak. Replacement tanks are available from Bissell.

If your Bissell steam cleaner brushes have stopped moving, check if the brushes are already full of dirt or debris. This can make it difficult for them to rotate properly. If they are quite dirty, turn off your steam cleaner and clean the brushes first. If, after cleaning, the same problem still occurs, check the belts. These can become worn out and may need to be replaced.

If the machine does not provide any suctioning power anymore, the problem is most likely in the motor duct gasket. To access the gasket, remove your water tank and check the square opening under it. The suction is located at the duct and may become loose.

Check if the suction hose is attached correctly; try re-inserting it to be certain. Another possible cause of this problem is when the hose is clogged; check the water tank screen if there are any trapped debris. Clean the screen if necessary and check the suction again.

A quick reminder before you do a DIY repair job on your Bissell steam cleaner, though: for safety purposes, make sure that the power is turned off and the water tank is empty before you start any repair attempts.

Fixing Your Bissell Steam Cleaner - Support from Bissell

If none of these solutions work or if you encounter other uncommon Bissell steam cleaner problems, you can also contact Bissell directly to ask for help. If your steam cleaner is still under warranty and the problem falls under the warranty conditions, then this won’t cost you a thing. If parts need replacement, however, you may need to spend to buy new parts.

You also have to spend on repair in case your warranty is already expired. Most Bissell steam cleaners only come with a year of warranty, so make sure to check before you send in your damaged steam cleaner.

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